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Radiant heating system for you

At Custom Electric of Duluth, MN, we are committed to delivering energy-efficient heating solutions to our customers. Allow our experienced electricians to choose a superior, energy-efficient, and alternative heating solution that perfectly fits your home and business needs.

Radiant heating systems are incorporated with a technology that heats warm objects rather than the air. This heating system provides excellent warmth and heat to your indoors and outdoors. Heat is uniformly distributed without any change in humidity levels. Radiant heaters are more suited to buildings and rooms with poor insulations. Call us at 218-590-0861 for FREE project consultations.

Fan-forced heating technology

Fan-forced technology allows fan air to transfer across a heated element. Hot air quickly surrounds your room giving you the warmth and heat you've been looking for.


Fan-forced technology is 100% energy-efficient and highly reliable. Contact us now to learn more about our quality heaters.

Baseboard heater system

You don't need to worry about keeping yourself warm this winter. The baseboard heater system is compact, highly energy-efficient, and quick to disperse heat across your entire room.

Switch over to energy-efficient heating solutions

  • Compact and easy to install

  • Acts as an additional heating source

  • Quick and efficient heat transfer