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Your safety always matters to us

When you hire Custom Electric of Duluth, MN, you'll get complete peace of mind. Get reliable electrical maintenance and repairs for both your residential and commercial needs. We are your go-to electrical contractor for all types of electrical installations, maintenance checks, fixes, and more.

Often, people end up choosing an inexperienced contractor who compromises on quality electrical installs, fixtures, and wires. This could result in frequent short circuits and rewiring problems burning a hole in your pocket. Our professionals will install the finest branded quality switches, wires, circuit boards for enhanced safety and durability. Call us at 218-590-0861 for a FREE consultation.

Maintenance services for you

It is always better to get your home or commercial buildings inspected frequently. This will avoid the hassles of short circuits.

Use our extensive experience to maintain and keep your electrical systems safe and running flawlessly.  

Electrical repairs you can rely on

The professionals at Custom Electric carry years of experience in electrical repairs. Allow our skilled electricians to repair and fix problems instantly. You'll get quality assured comprehensive repair services at affordable prices.


Get your fuse fixed, replace faulty switches, repair sockets, rewire, replace lamps and upgrade circuit boards.

Quality electrical maintenance and repairs

  • Electrical maintenance, fire alarm checks

  • Lighting and heating circuit checks

  • Portable appliance testing and setup